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Shape geodesic between two left hemispheres:

See full sized video here.

Ground surface height map recovered from satellite imagery:

Ground Surface Recovery

View more images here.


The Imaging Sciences Lab @ FSU, established in Spring 2004, is dedicated to research and education in computer vision, pattern recognition and applications. ISL@FSU centralizes the resources and activities of a group composed of FSU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from the computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and statistics departments and is an outgrowth of several years of interdisciplinary collaboration among members of the group.

We also perform joint research with a diverse set of researchers throughout the university including medical research, biological research, and mechanical engineering. We are working both on new models and methods for studying computer vision and applications of developed models and methods to real world problems in diverse fields of study.

A distinguishing characteristic of the work done at ISL@FSU is the use of techniques of differential geometry, differential topology and statistics for the development of novel computational models and algorithmic approaches to shape, image analysis, and other pattern recognition problems.