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Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Bates

I am a first year graduate student in biomedical mathematics. I studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. After my sophomore year, I worked under Dr. Shafirstein at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences on various projects in which he was engaged. One assignment I took on was to design and implement a flexible system to orchestrate several apparatuses in a time-sensitive experimental setup. I wrote the program for this in C. The program ran off of a computer and communicated with the apparatuses via TTL channels comprising its parallel port.

I am new to the Computer Vision Lab. Presently, I am adapting code written in Matlab into C.

other interests

When not immersed in mathematics, science, or school, I like to spend time out of doors. Once in a blue moon, I dust off my guitar and write a piece. Also, I dabble in writing poetry and short stories a la Caroll, Irving, or Poe. Books of history or philosophy occasionally work their way into my schedule.