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Graduate Students

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Yu Fan

I am a Phd student in Mathematics, working with Dr. Mio. I am interested in shape analysis, shape classification, etc. I recieved a bachelor of applied math and master degree of computational math from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). I am currently working on my ATE paper which is about the application of Kendall's shape model to shape classification problems. I code mainly using MATLAB, C, Fortran, C++ and Java.

other interests

I am interested in Baketball. I was the captain of math department of HUST's basketball team for three years. Now, I am the organizer of the FSSA basketball gathering. I play soccer as well. I played goalkeeper for the math department of HUST in 2001. Moreover, I love singing. I was the top ten singer in math department of HUST in 1998.